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The setting sun agonisingly filtered its rays through the two tall windows projecting two orange-coloured rhombs onto the floor as they held the legs of the bed in a quivering embrace.

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The freshly painted walls gave off a strange smell of whiteness that sifted in tiny waves onto the table and the three chairs between the windows, the terracotta stove in the corner, the nightstand and even on the wicker armchair nurse Dafina was sitting in watching, dressed in her white overall, her white cap on the top of her head, between her breasts bulging with health a tiny red cross.

Timid greyish shadows emerged from all corners flickering back and forth then suddenly vanished as if frightened by the heavy silence that lined the room and swallowed the grave tick-tock of the clock hanging above the calendar on the strip of wall between the who windows.

Dafina was sitting motionless, her hands in her lap on a carefully folded newspaper, looking at the patient lying in bed his arms stretching over the white sheet, his head wrapped up in a white bandage leaving open to view only his waxen eva slim ultimate find fat burner fretted by three parallel dark lines; his eyebrows, his eyelashes and his moustache.

His closed eyelids seemed violet patches; his thick lips were so pale that one could not make out their outlines. The poor patient had all her sympathy especially since she had learned that he was the victim of a love story.

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She was kind-hearted and sentimental. Her golden curls caressed her ruddy cheeks and her lazy blue eyes were swimming in tears. Her stand-in had whispered to her this shake slabit femei that the victim was an important professor, that he had been shot by a jealous husband, that they have brought him here late last night to the St.

She wanted more exciting details and there was no one to provide them. The patient had lain motionless all-day long. He had not opened his eyes even when they changed his bandage.

All that the temperature chart could tell her in neat handwriting was the name: Toma Novac.

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She had pinned high hopes on the Universul. The other nurse had slipped the newspaper into her hand around noon. Dafina read them over and over again searching for hidden meanings in the conventional wording.

The reason seems to have been the same old story: jealousy. First investigations apparently point to the fact that the distinguished professor was caught in the very act of adultery with the young and beautiful wife of the jealous foreigner.

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It was a dead shot so that professor Novac, quickly rushed to Dr. Only a miracle could save his life. The husband was arrested, the wife is unhurt except for the shock.

The news of the crime created quite a sensation since the murderer is the descendant of nobility; they say that he might actually be a baron. He had a few acquaintances in Bucharest and was eva slim ultimate find fat burner to settle in Romania while his wife- rumour has it- was the owner of age-long estates. How did they get to know each other? How were they caught?

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What about the criminal? All these questions tortured Dafina as she sat in her wicker armchair which to her was tantamount to the rack.

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She tried to overcome her curiosity by closely watching the hero of the drama. She liked him.

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She loved him. She thought she might discover something about the patient between the lines. Then Toma Novac raised his eyelids as if waked from a dreamless sleep. His whole eva slim ultimate find fat burner was shaking with pain. The dim light gave off a strange sheen like that of light bulbs soaked in blood. He first noticed the clock between the windows: the pendulum was swinging slowly, heavily, silently while the face of the clock was so blurred he could distinguish neither figures nor hands.

There was a calendar underneath and he could read a black Arabic seven and a red Roman seven. What happened? The effort grădini esențiale pentru pierderea în greutate an avalanche of pain and gave rise to a short stifled groan which in turn bred other pains like knives stabbing his body in thousands of places: he dared not even close his eyes.

Dafina heard the groan as if in a dream.

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It made him so angry that he closed his eyes quickly forgetting all about his suffering. Some moments later he heard her footsteps — three footsteps only — the swishing of her new calico frock, the creaking of the wicker chair and then the rustling of papers as Dafina unfolded her newspaper, shaking her head.

She riveted her eyes on her hero writhing as if his body were being torn by an unseen claw. His memory itself seemed to have been wounded and could not pull itself together.

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Vague snatches of recollections emerged and then vanished in his brain with no coherence whatever. The image of the woman was clearer now: blond hair and eyes shining with happiness… it set his soul ablaze with joy and all his pains seemed to have melted away instantly.

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For a moment. Then behind the woman there loomed a shadow which gripped her in its arms more and more brutally until it turned into a wild and frightful apparition, eyes burning with hatred.

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Then came four thunderclaps that rang in his ears driving all shreds of thought out of his overwrought brain. The shots — always four at a time — came back more and more rapidly finally turning into an endless whistling that ran through his bones, his flesh, his nerves and stirred up pains everywhere.

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Then the whistling stopped all of a sudden as if the very roots of hearing had been eradicated leaving behind a bitter darkness in which snatches of uncontrolled thought like drops of rain on a windy night in autumn were again flitting about.

The very thought filled him with anger like the iron pliers that were squeezing his forehead. If only he could relieve it! But his strength had waned. Unable to drive eva slim ultimate find fat burner away he finally accepted the idea with resignation.

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An ironical smile flickered across his lips. That was a motto he had taken from folklore. He had been repeating it willy-nilly for over twenty years everywhere showing off although he realised how cheap it was.

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And now in spite of the irony of it all the words seemed to have acquired a surprisingly deep meaning. It was an uncalled for answer to his own trite motto.